Coffee nap: Drink coffee before napping a simple trick to regain energy.

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Drink coffee in the morning and coffee break in the afternoon. Why are you still sleepy? Let’s get to know Coffee Nap, a technique that is said to help wake the body up more. Let’s take a look!

Coffee nap is drinking coffee before taking a short nap 15-30 minutes after the body has consumed the coffee. During that time, the body absorbs the coffee and wakes us up when the caffeine is absorb and ready for use. But caffeine alone may not be able to completely block the action of adenosine. Therefore having to rely on napping to help in another way When the body feels tired from work, it will produce adenosine in the body to work. Makes us feel tired, which is when our body is try or how sleepy we are. The amount of adenosine in the body will be higher. UFABET, Therefore, caffeine must be add to help the body not feel sleepy by drinking coffee.

When the body receives caffeine, it makes the body feel more energetic than before and also makes work more efficient than napping alone.

Naps or naps should normally not last longer than 20 minutes. If you sleep longer than 30 minutes or more, your body will enter a state of slow wave sleep or sleep in the deep sleep stage. When you wake up, you will feel sleepy, tired, and more sluggish than before. So, don’t forget to set your alarm clock if you want to take a nap after drinking coffee. 

Not only with Coffee Nap, but if you want the caffeine in coffee to effectively destroy sleepiness. You should choose coffee without added sugar, syrup and whipped cream, such as Americano or espresso, because sugar is what causes the body to secrete serotonin. Which is one of the neurotransmitters that cause sleepy It also stimulates the release of more adenosine.

In conclusion, Coffee Nap helps the body to wake up. Energetic and ready to actually work, but for be effective. You should nap no more than 10-20 minutes and choose to drink black coffee such as Americano or espresso. Without added sugar And one thing that is equally important. If you want to use the Coffee Nap technique to increase work efficiency.