How to choose to drink fruit juice to get the benefits?

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There are many choices of food that we eat each day. But most urban people lack nutrients and vitamins that are essential to the body. Therefore, choosing to drink fruit juice is another solution that helps the body receive a fuller supply of vitamins. In this article we will tell you about the benefits of fruit juice. Complete with (not) secret tips How to drink to get the most benefit.

For those who do not like to eat vegetables and fruits. Drinking fruit and vegetable juices may help you replace some vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C.  However, eating whole fruits can provide more benefits. Because fruit juice has inferior nutritional value to fruit pulp as follows:

Higher in calories: One glass of unsweetened orange juice, or approximately 250 milliliters, provides approximately 100 calories, while one orange provides approximately 60 calories. This is because making juice requires a lot of fruit. It also does not help you feel full like eating fruits that provide dietary fiber. People who drink fruit juice tend to have higher calorie intake than those who eat whole fruit.

High in sugar: Fruit juices are as high in sugar as soft drinks. 350 milliliters of soft drink containing 140 calories contains 40 grams of sugar, while the same amount of apple juice contains 165 calories. 39 grams of sugar, which consuming drinks with a lot of sugar will result in higher levels high blood sugar up quickly Even healthy people may be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and obesity. People with diabetes should avoid drinking fruit juice to prevent symptoms from worsening.

Low in dietary fiber: Fruit juices contain very little dietary fiber compared to fresh fruits. And if it’s fruit juice that has been process in many steps, ทางเข้า ufabet, there may not be any dietary fiber left.

Contains food additives: Do not believe the label on the package that says it is 100 percent real fruit juice because during the long storage process before it is produc, Most fruit juices will lose their flavor. Manufacturers therefore often have to add food additives such as artificial flavors and flavors.

Tips for drinking fruit juice to get the most benefit from it

Although fructose provides energy and is better than other forms of sugar, But it is a caution when drinking fruit juice. Because if you drink fruit juice that is high in fructose It will cause high blood sugar levels as well. Dangerous for people with diabetes including gout And most importantly, it may cause weight gain. Therefore, it is recommend to choose to drink fruit juices from low-sugar fruits such as apples, oranges, guava, tomatoes, avocados, etc., and not add sugar, syrup or honey. To get natural sweetness

Fruits that will be blend, separat, squeez, or cold-press should not be store in the freezer. Because extreme cold will cause the fruit to lose some of its vitamins. And fruit shakes or smoothies, blended without ice. It helps the body absorb various vitamins, including sugar and nutrients faster. Drink fruit and vegetable juices on an empty stomach. Especially about 1 hour before breakfast, the body will absorb vitamins. and nutrients are best use.  For anyone who doesn’t have time to make their own juice. can choose to be Box fruit juice is fine, but you shouldn’t drink it in excessive amounts. Due to the high sugar content and contains preservatives or other substances that is includ.