Arteta opens up after leading Arsenal to the top of the Premier League

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said after the 2-0 win at Wolves on the final day of the World Cup break , Arsenal scored twice from Martin Edegaard in the second half. 

Arsenal finished their pre-World Cup period with a win in 12 of their 14 Premier League games, along with being one of the two teams conceding the fewest goals in the Premier League with 11 goals, making them one of the favourites. Achievements this season

“It’s great for the position we are in. We are enjoying this moment. And we have a big break coming up. We’ll have a look at what we’ve done before. And will prepare the best team for what will happen after the World Cup. But our aim is to play better in every game. Finding something better to do what we need to work on the field. I can tell that it’s a great thing to work with the players. and the team of the team.” The UFABET report

“After this I need a week to think about it. Of course, no one expected us to be where we are. and with the number of games we play The number of victories we have won But I pay attention to concentrate on the way I play with the team. and ways of living together with the team team atmosphere inside the dressing room and on the training ground as well as the participation of our football fans in our home stadiums. This, of course, includes relationships with people within the club. And it’s a very powerful thing. My job is to concentrate on playing better with every game.” Arteta said