Guardiola opens up after Manchester City lose to Brentford

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola spoke after the 2-1 defeat to Brentford in the Premier League was their first defeat at home this season.

Manchester City suffered their second defeat of the season, with Brentford striker Ivan Toney scoring twice. The winning goal in the 90+8 minute was also their first away win of the season. The UFABET report

“The better team wins today. we are full of problems and can’t press the way we want They can take the ball to the striker to score goals. Which is what we can do.”

We were in the 98th minute when Ivan Toney scored his second goal of the game and it was hard to say Brentford didn’t deserve it. This was as poor as City have played all season.

“They were able to create chances at the very beginning of the game and in the first 15 minutes they created two clear chances. After that I thought we could do better. and play at a faster tempo But when entering the second half Even though we got off to a good start But every time they played a long ball it caused us problems. It was similar to last season’s encounter. They are very good at defending against attacks from the flank.