How to play fish shooting games that beginners must know

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First of all, the player must understand the principle of receiving the prize money of the fish shooting game. That it came from the player shooting one of the fish to death. The ammunition used to shoot is the player. Which the betting rate can be adjusted Can increase or decrease the amount. Compare 1 bullet or 1 shot is equal to 1 bet if the player shoots a lot. The odds will increase even more. According to the amount of shot Therefore. Shooting a bullet It is considered very important to those who play fish shooting games. สมัคร UFABET

1. Do not choose to play automatically. 

Choosing an automatic shot Does not guarantee that each bullet fired will shoot at the fish and will cause the fish to die because if that fish Not dying means that the player will not receive any rewards. and will cause you to lose all your bets As I said, recite it with your heart in mind. that each bullet is a stake is the player’s own money

2. Choose to shoot small fish first. 

When shooting, you should choose to shoot small fish first. Because if you choose to shoot the big fish first, it may cause a lot of ammunition to be wasted. or ammunition may run out first Therefore, in playing the fish shooting game, you must be calm, gradually collecting small and mixed. If there is enough capital to buy bullets with high items to shoot big fish take it to buy and choose to shoot at big fish Because doing this will not waste a lot of ammunition.

3. Continue shooting fish from other players. 

Choosing to continue shooting fish from other players It’s another way to not waste ammunition. And choosing to continue shooting fish from other players, the percentage that that fish will die is also very high because the chances that the fish will die during our shooting are greater than when we start shooting new fish.

4. Don’t shoot the fish that are going off the screen. 

To play fish shooting games The scene in the game is constantly changing, so it’s not a good idea to shoot fish that are about to leave off-screen. even if that fish is about to die because if that fish doesn’t die and off the screen when coming back to the screen again It will instantly become big. If you insist on shooting that fish, you may waste ammunition. low ammunition or completely And the player still won’t get any rewards.