How to play Hi-Lo online

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The method of playing Hi-Lo games is very similar to how to play roulette games. In playing, players can choose from 7 types of bets together. By the way, the main way to play is as follows.

  1. The first step, players must first access the website to play bets. After entering the website must go to select a game and choose a room to place bets To play that Hi-Lo game Players must place bets within the time specified by the website. Because if the time for placing bets is over, players will not be able to place bets. Have to wait to place bets in the next round
  2. After the betting time has expired The table dealer will press the button to shake the dice on the plate. If the outcome of the dice is the same as the player predicted, the bet will be paid. and the betting game in that round will end immediately

after knowing the result of winning the game The dealer will start a new game immediately. which will open the time to place bets in the next round.

Here I will take everyone to see how to bet on Hi-Lo games. In the online casino website UFABET. here is an example of betting for everyone to see.