Liverpool 0 – Manchester United 0

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Liverpool lost top spot this week. After a heated battle at Anfield, drawing 0-0 with Manchester United, Diogo Dalot was sent off in injury time.

In the 10th minute, despite having less possession, Manchester United had a chance to score first when Alejandro Carnacho cut in and shot in front of the penalty area over the crossbar.

But minutes later, Liverpool responded with a counter-attack. Dominic Szoboszlai pulled the trigger in front of the penalty area. But the ball went over the crossbar, which was disappointing.

The 16th minute was a golden opportunity for the Reds, Trent Alexander-Arnold. Open from the right side for Darwin Nuñez to head into the middle. Andre Onana caught it out of hand. Salah shot a shot that wasn’t very good, but it caught Onana who blocked it and went behind ทางเข้า UFABET 

In the 28th minute, Liverpool had another chance to take the lead. Trent took a corner kick for Virgil van Dijk to head full time, but the ball went into the middle of the goal, so Onana floated away and was able to deflect it.

From another corner kick, Trent opened it for Konate to head, this time out of bounds.

The home team had another chance in the 36th minute when Kostas Tsimikas took a corner kick for Ibrahima Konate to score a header. But it crossed the bar again.

The Reds attacked again, Ryan Grafenberg passed to Mo Salah, who caught and shot with his left hand in front of the penalty area. But the ball was very light, causing Onana to fall comfortably.

The first half of the Red Hot Battle was still tied 0-0.

In the second half, Manchester United had the best chance from the start of the game when Carnacho got the ball and was about to duel one-on-one with Alisson, but Trent, who ran after him, dipped the ball at the exact moment Carnacho was about to shoot. The Reds narrowly escaped.

In the 64th minute, Liverpool had a good chance when Mohamed Salah cut and spun with his left hand into the right penalty area, but Onana was still able to fly away.

Another 2 minutes later was a golden opportunity for the Reds when the ball from Salah flowed for Trent to run in and shoot with his right in front of the penalty area. The ball hit the post just a little, with Onana just standing and watching.

But the Red Devils almost threw a knockout punch as well in the 67th minute. McTominay passed through for Rasmus Hoylund, who slipped into the right penalty area and shot with his right, hitting Alisson on the bounce. came out. When he tried again, he was squeezed, unable to shoot fully, and the ball went into Alisson’s hands.

Liverpool had a chance to make a statement in the 76th minute.

by taking advantage of the opportunity to play quickly, Darwin Nuñez darting into the right side of the penalty area. The ball flew into the gun. Luis Diaz shot at the tip of Amrabat’s foot, narrowly saving the team.

From a corner kick, it was a continuous moment where the Red Devils couldn’t block the ball. Conate turned around in the penalty area and shot with his right. But the ball went straight to Onana and caught it.

The home team had another chance to make a statement in the 87th minute, when Salah let Joe Gomez into the right side of the penalty area and decided to shoot from a tight angle. The ball went into the side netting.

In the 90+4 minute, the Red Devils had to be left with 10 people confused when Dalot shouted loudly at referee Michael Oliver for giving him a yellow card in the first place. Dalot still hasn’t stopped complaining. So he gave another yellow within 2 seconds, it was a red card and he was sent off.

The game ended with Liverpool 0-0 with Manchester United, which caused the Reds to lose their top spot. It also stopped the record of winning every straight home game this season.