Redknapp has hailed Odegaard as a key player for Arsenal

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Renowned pundit Jamie Redknapp praised the performance of Norwegian midfielder Martin Odegaard, who scored twice in Arsenal ‘s win. Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League late on Saturday night, according to UFABET.

After Manchester City lost 2-1 at home to Brentford with a score of 2-1, the Gunners Was able to seize important opportunities by collecting 3 points at Molineux Stadium with a 2-0 score from the 23-year-old playmaker’s single shot helped lead the team to the top of the crowd by leaving the team. Blue Sailing Team 2nd place 5 points

Redknapp believes that Odegaard deserves much praise for his performance. And pointed out that this footballer is an important player who has an influence on Arsenal at this time.

“Odegaard has had a great season. A lot of people talk about other players, for example, if Saliba gets injured there could be problems with the team. But I think you must not forget this player as well. Because he’s quite an influence on the team in terms of controlling the game.

“Especially moving the ball forward, Jesus has some nice moments, he is playing well and doing a great job for the team. But still can’t score goals well. That’s when you need players in midfield. The players on the edge of the line can step in and make a difference. Odegaard’s two goals alone are very important to the team,” said Redknapp.