Ronaldo can’t stand long interviews, beats Manchester United

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Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo gave an intense interview with Piers Morgan on The Sun’s talk TV show, saying negatively about the current club and There were many more allusions. last Sunday night

Asked if the 37-year-old had been pushed out of the club, Ronaldo replied: “Yes, it really happened and it wasn’t just the manager. There are a few people in the club who want that to happen. The UFABET report 

“But I don’t care. I think people should know the truth. I’m like I got hit in the back Some people didn’t want me to stay at the club. And it’s been going on since last season.

“I really don’t know what happened to this club. Because since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure, there hasn’t been any development here, for example after they sacked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but went back to Ralph Rangnick. who is the sports director to replace He has been away from coaching for a very long time. But the team instead picked him in. This point surprised me a lot.”

“Furthermore, many things in the club, including technology, people, equipment that I had touched from the age of 22-23, are still in and used as they are today.”

And when asked about his relationship with Erik ten Hag, Ronaldo replied: “I don’t respect him. because he never respected me When someone disrespects you You don’t have to respect him either.”

“I want the fans to know the truth. I want to give the best to the club. So I choose to move back. But here there are things structurally that are not conducive to success like Man City, Liverpool or even Arsenal are doing, we should be a part. But the reality is not close at all.”

“I understand what Picasso, the great artist used to say. You create something new by breaking the old one first, and that’s where the club begins. They start from me But for me that’s not a problem.”

Ronaldo also hailed former team-mate Wayne Rooney, who once said Ronaldo was a nuisance to the club: “I don’t know why he’s talking about me at the club. Negative Maybe it’s because he’s finished his career but I’m still playing at a high level. I’m not saying that I’m better. But it appears to be true.”

Ronaldo also said of his good relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson: “He always told me to follow my heart” and of course that led me to come back to play here again. Fergie knows better. Everyone says the team is not on the path it should be. The truth is, it’s not just him, many people see it, the fans see it, but for those who can’t see it. That wouldn’t be any different from a really blind person.”